Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70

The FAD704DUD is one of Frigidaires largest (and most expensive) dehumidifiers sporting a large intake of up to 70 pints a day and a wide range of features you would typically expect from a dehumidifier within this price range. The unit is ideal for larger areas or undertaking tasks such as flood repair or tackling basement humidity, but is perfectly capable and suitable for use throughout the home and would no doubt do a good job.Image result for Frigidaire FAD704DUD

So, lets start with some of the main features. The unit includes 2 fan speeds (high & low), a full bucket alert indicator, automatic shut off & restart, adjustable humidity levels, an anti-bacteria filter, runs respectably quiet (as reported by customers) and conveniently provides three drainage options; an easily removable front collection bucket (see images above), the ability to attach a garden hose, or the option to purchase an additional condensate pump.

The humidifier for babies is also very mobile with a set of caster wheels and carrying handle, Energy Star rated, and implements fully electronic controls. For full specs, see our blue specification box to the right.What Should I Use It For?Use it for: Basements, large areas/highly humid areas, flood treatmentDont use it for: Like every larger model you can use them for most situations, but you would be over doing it for a small bathroom for example (pretty self-explanatory)What You SaidTo date, the FAD704FUD has racked up over 540 reviews while maintaining a four star + rating on Amazon which in itself is a good indication of the quality of the unit.

Though, like any product, that’s not to say it hasn’t had its share of customers with lesser experiences. It is, however, worth mentioning that the vast majority of customers praised the unit; awarding 4 and 5-star ratings. Particularly praising its power/capability and features such as its automatic shut off.

A few gripes did catch our attention. One was the fact that although it has adjustable humidity levels and electronic controls, the screen does not display areas current RH (relative humidity); it only displays the percentage you want the dehumidifier/room set at. We would advise purchasing a Hygrometer (if you haven’t already) so you can monitor your humidity levels.

Another issue that cropped up was the lack of ability to hook the unit up to a proper drainage solution (in some cases not working at all), as the dehumidifier only supports a standard garden hose without an adapter. Ideally, an adapter should be standard and part of the package, you can, however, call Frigidaire, and they will ship an adapter out to you free of charge.

Weve provided the number below and what to ask for if you ever require it.Frigidaire Support: 706-860-4110 (you will want the Continuous Drain Kit EA155D)There were also as expected with dehumidifiers, some units that failed. Mostly between the 1-2 year mark. But the failed/faulty units were far outnumbered by the hundreds of positive reviews from customers.

Below will give you a quick snapshot of just what you said, but as with all products we recommend you read through further reviews over at Amazon before making your decision:by Michael Lessard (2 Stars) “I give this dehumidifier 2 stars because it worked very well for about 2 years, then the sealed system gave out and became just an expensive fan. Frigidaire did honor the 2-5 year warranty on the sealed compressor system without any hassle and essentially refunded the purchase price , and for that I’m grateful. But this is supposed to be an appliance like a refrigerator or air conditioner that has to last more than a couple years.By Book Maven (Louisiana) (5 Stars) “ Living in the Deep South means high humidity every day every season.

Its not unusual for me to run the a/c in the dead of winter just to lower the humidity in my home. But no more! This baby here does the trick beautifully! Before, the humidity in my house stayed around 65%. Now its a much more comfortable 45%. I’m VERY satisfied with this product.

Should I Buy This Dehumidifier?

While there were those who had issues with the FAD704DUD and it does not come equipped with a drainage adaptor as standard, the hundreds of positive reviews and the fact that Frigidaire will ship out an adaptor free of charge make this at least worthy of a look. For those with a highly humid basement or area and are looking for a powerful dehumidifier that gets the job done, this Frigidaire is perfect. The unit was also on discount at the time of writing, however by then, our Amazon price checker below may have changed.

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