What is the best Blender? A buying guide!

What is the best Blender


Blender – The hand held food blender can easily be one of the most beneficial home appliances you have around your cooking area. Even though lots of people do not pay as well much focus on this wonder worker, makers spend a whole lot of time as well as effort right into producing the best gadget.Blender

Currently, there are thousands of designs for you to choose from so picking the ideal blender or food processor can be a complicated procedure. Making the right decision can be a lot tougher compared to discovering ways to utilize a mixer. There are numerous functions you need to think about and also some features to evaluate before investing your loan on such a home appliance. To simplify the buying process, we’ve thought of an easy buying overview which will assist you surround the very best among the most effective blender or food processors 2017.

What types of blenders could you choose from?It is hard to set blenders apart as manufacturers tend to develop all sorts of models in order to satisfy both generic and particular needs at the same time.  Currently the most popular appliances are jar blenders. They come in different sizes and with several features. Blender

The biggest difference though is made by its power and blade design. With greater power comes greater versatility. A powerful motor will not only handle your average cucumber but will also handle harder foods. Another popular type of blender is the one destined mostly for pureeing, blending and mixing. It is called an immersion blender or a hand blender.

The most expensive ones are versatile and can use different attachments which will help you cook on a regular basis. The last major thing to separate blenders refers to portability. Some are powered through a cable while other are cordless. In our opinion you should get an appliance which has a cord.

It will always be easier to fix and it will never run out of power. We recommend getting the Vitamix Professional Series 200. For more information check out the reviews below. What are the main features of a great blender?

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After you decide what type of blender is better suited for you, focus on the specifics. Let’s say you love smoothies and other similar drinks. Make sure you have a blender which has at least 500 watts worth of power. It should also include an ice-crushing setting for frozen drinks. This will require a durable ice-crushing blade.If you plan on chopping a lot of fruit and vegetables don’t forget to invest in an appliance with dedicated functions.

A normal blender will puree and blend but it will not chop.If for you, the best blender 2017 is a hand blender make sure it can handle all the mixing and the pureeing. Even though they sound simple enough, these processes will require power and precision. Don’t waste your money on cheap products.

You will not be able to enjoy the versatility of a blender for too long.How much should a blender cost?Considering the fact that jar blenders are the most popular, you should know a proper appliance will cost more than $200. Don’t worry too much about the price though as these appliances tend to last forever. We recommend getting the Vitamix Turbo Blend Two Speed.

For more information check the reviews below.

Should you worry about keeping the blender clean? A good blender should be able to clean itself. Don’t stress too much when it comes to this particular part of cooking.

Blenders are made mostly out of parts which can be removed so you can either throw them in the dishwasher or you can simply add some water and soap into the blender and press start.What products are in topPeople find it hard to find excuses for not living healthy nowadays.

Appliances which help you create a perfectly natural and preservative free meal or drink come in all sizes and especially with affordable price tags. Blenders have really increased in popularity over the past years. They are used by athletes and people who love to cook. It will save you a lot of time and it will help you create some amazing dishes.

Picking the right blender isn’t easy. Fortunately, our experts have tested several appliances and have also read most blender reviews 2017 to come up with a list of five products destined to suit even the most demanding of expectations.This is one of those appliances created with the collaboration of some of the most important chefs in the world.

It is built for everyday use and it is incorporates only the best of materials. Like all Vitamix products, it is designed and manufactured in the US. This 120V device has a 2Hp motor which will allow you to blend even tougher ingredients. It has a 64-ounce container built out of unbreakable compounds. It is designed with a spill-proof lid which is properly vented.

It is effortless to clean and very versatile, being capable of making soup, smoothies and even froze desserts.Not sure if this product deserves the money you have to spend to buy it?

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The Turbo Blend by Vitamix is one of the most efficient Two Speed blenders on the market. It uses the Vitamix 2Hp motor which powers a powerful blade placed at the bottom of a 64 ounce container. It is easy to clean and even easier to use. It has a locking lid design which will secure the ingredients from flying out.

It will be capable of handling rough foods without deteriorating its parts. Because it is so versatile, this appliance is considered one of the top blenders 2017. It can clean itself and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Ninja Ultima Blender is the closest you will get to using top chef kitchen equipment within the comfort of your own home. It has a 2 ½ HP motor powered by a 1500watt power source. It is perfect for making soups, purees, ice cream and smoothies. It uses patented Total Crushing Technology to handle tough ingredients and turn them into something with a smooth consistency.

It works on 10 different speeds and it can also be used on pulse. It is delivered with three different single serve cups to easily make a “to go” cup of your favorite drink.For a limited period of time, Amazon.com comes with some amazing offers.

Blendtec is a company who have set their mind on manufacturing the best blender 2017. They seem to have succeeded with the Total Blender which is quite an impressive appliance. It is a 1560 watt device which is powered by a 3HP motor. It is easy to use because of the digital touchpad controls and its preprogrammed blending patterns. It has an additional blending jar called the Wildside.

When buying this product you will also receive a recipe book with over 200 recipes which require a blender to be properly cooked. This appliance is backed up by a seven-year warranty which you will probably never use considering the high-quality materials used to build the Total Blender.

Even if this is considered by our experts as one of the best blenders 2015, it is also one of the most affordable appliances of its kind. It comes with a powerful motor and 5 different speed modes.

It offers great clarity to see exactly what happens inside the recipient. It is durable, fast and very well-built. It even has an LCD timer to indicate the speed setting you are using. You will have complete control over this device which is very nicely illuminated. It has a very basic but at the same time, nice design. Last but not least you should know that this device comes with a very generous 48 oz. jug which is large enough to make enough drinks for more than one person.

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